Zakeruga (Zakerga)

Zatch Zakeruga.png
Zatch Bell and Zeno Bell
English Incantation: Zakerga
Japanese Incantation: Zakeruga (ザケルガ)
Meaning: Za- (ザ) = Lightning
-keru- (ケル) = Attack
-ruga (ルガ) = Beam
Type: Attack Episode: 38
Chapter: 74 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Electric Arena
Blue lightning.png
Description: Zakeruga (ザケルガ), also known (and pronounced) as Zakerga in some dubs and Zakelga in French, is Zatch's fifth spell and Zeno's second spell. An enhanced version of Zakeru, it allows the user to fire a concentrated beam of lightning with the power to pierce armor. When used by Zatch, the electricity comes from his mouth and is golden. When used by Zeno, it comes from his hand and is bluish-white.
Zatch Bell and Zeno Bell's Other Spells: Zakeru, Rashirudo, Jikerudo, Rauzaruku, Ganreizu Zakeru, Teozakeru

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