Zakeru (Zaker)

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Zatch Bell and Zeno Bell
English Incantation: Zaker
Japanese Incantation: Zakeru (ザケル)
Meaning: Za- (ザ) = Lightning
-keru (ケル) = Attack
Type: Attack Episode: 1
Chapter: 1 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Electric Arena
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Description: Zaker (ザケル Zakeru) is Zatch and Zeno's first spell. It fire a sporadic bolt of lightning that is shot at the opponent, giving them an electric shock. When casted by Zatch, the electricity comes from his mouth and is golden. When casted by Zeno, it comes from his hand and is bluish-white.
Zatch Bell and Zeno Bell's Other Spells: Rashield, Jikerdor, Zakeruga, Rauzaruku, Ganreizu Zakeru, Teozakeru

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