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The White Spellbook

The White Spellbook (白い魔本 Shiroi Mahon, lit. "White Magic Book") is a source of the plotline in the first movie. It is the 101st magical book that was created in case of a Mamodo sent to the Human World going rogue. It initially appears as a plain white book with no markings but adopts the mamodo markings and characters when it is put into use. Its power is suppression: It subjugates and absorbs any mamodo's spell used against the wielder of the book. The spells disappear from the original book and are written into the white book; when all the spells are gone from a book, it loses all its color and turns white.

The book was kept by the Black Knight, the proclaimed strongest warrior in the Mamodo World. However, Wiseman—a very powerful and very intelligent mamodo teenager who served as the main antagonist in the first movie—stole the book from the Black Knight's manor to reclaim his slot in the Mamodo Battle; before his form was approved, a gust of wind blew it away, and Zatch's form was stamped instead. When Wiseman realized this, he spent a year training in order to control the book's power, then stole it and sent it to the Human World with the Spring of Truth. When a girl named Kotoha finds the book, Wiseman uses his powers to write predictions it it in Japanese, which leads her to a portal between the two worlds. She had found and befriended Zatch and Kiyo along the way, so they attempted to help open the way (though of course, they didn't know that it was a portal between the two worlds). Wiseman came through, and Zatch and Kiyo were trapped on the other side, in the Mamodo World. Wiseman, meanwhile, put his own spells in the book and made Kotoha his partner. He removed her memories and emotions to make her "the perfect partner", and attacked Tia, Kanchomé, Ponygon, and their partners. With their spells stolen, they were quickly defeated, but Zatch and Kiyo returned in time to save them. However, their spells were also absorbed, and they were quickly rendered helpless before Wiseman's power. They refused to give up, however, and their willpower and friendship enabled them to use one more spell: Barudo Forusu, which was able to defeat Wiseman's strongest spell. Following this, the white book attempted to absorb the spell, but Barudo Forusu's power proved to be too much, and it caught fire. Following this, all the spells that it had stolen were returned to the original owners, and Wiseman had enough time to admit his mistake and acknowledge that Zatch was the one who was meant to be in the battle before the book was completely incinerated, and he returned to the Mamodo World.

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