Spell-Negating Wand
The "Wand" (王杖 Ōtsue, also ワンド Wandu) is a type of wand or scepter for the King of Mamodo World. Whenever the wand is wielded, mamodos that are within 50 meters (164.042 feet) of the user cannot perform spells by themselves. However, the wielder of the wand can still use his/her own spells. This wand was meant to be used as a "shield" to protect the King of the Mamodo World from attacks including assassinations. However, even if someone wields the wand, there are some ways for other mamodos to bypass the wand's effects, such as casting spells via (i.e. using a partner to cast spells for them with a spellbook away from the wand's effect range).


Zatch was given this wand after becoming the Mamodo King and was instructed by Arth on how it functions. Later, a mamodo criminal named Jiiza contracted Muumu to snatch the wand from Zatch to he defeat Zatch and become the new Mamodo King. Muumu, after being called a friend by Zatch after Zatch protected him, decided to attempt to snatch the wand back for Zatch but failed. Suddenly, Kiyo from the Human World was somehow able to help Zatch from the Human World when he incanted Baou Zakeruga in the Human World. Even without the spellbook and without being there, Kiyo's voice reached Zatch between both worlds and Zatch successfully casted Baou Zakeruga, bypassing the nullifying effects of his wand, and defeated Jiiza.