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Announcement #1: As of February 2019, I may be going into inactivity (or at least semi-inactivity).
Announcement #2 (August 14, 2019): As of August 2019, I completely moved on from Zatch Bell!, doing other things and I'm very likely not returning to the franchise. I'm not really much of a fan anymore these days. My apologies to everyone that I wasn't able to fulfill all of my goals on this Wiki.
If anyone wishes to become an administrator of this Wiki, let me know, and I'll review your contributions. If you want to become an administrator, you must have at least 300 contributions across any wiki with 100 of them being legit contributions (minor edits for grammar acceptable too) on this Wiki, know how to edit in source mode, if you are trustworthy, and you must be dedicated to work on this Wiki (I'm hoping you are willing to work on this Wiki for at least a half of year). I don't want to make anyone incompetent to be an administrator to watch over the Wiki in my absence. There are some shortcuts I will allow anyone to become an administrator on here and if that person is dedicated and willing to complete all anime episodes (example of a completed page) + finish the filler guide, all manga chapters (example of a partially completed page, needs more work), or all cards and booster categories (example of a completed page), but I need to see that you have started doing any of them.

Even though I am not much of a fan of this series anymore, I'm still keeping all of my past contributions for everyone. For all of my Zatch Bell! drawings/fanart, visit my Zatch Bell! DeviantART folder. And to see a list of Zatch Bell! drawings I did as well as drawings I plan to do in the future, visit my Zatch Bell! Journal on DeviantART. I also made a cover medley of Zatch Bell! character songs in Guitar Pro 6 back in 2016 as well as making a custom song chart of my medley for Phase Shift (Steam page) and Clone Hero, which are indie PC Guitar Hero/Rock Band-styled games.

Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army

Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army (also known as "Konjiki no Gash!!: Mamono no Kakumei-gun" and "Zatch Bell! Mamodo Revolution Army") is a Zatch Bell! / Konjiki no Gash (Bell)!! fanfiction that I created. This non-canon fan story of mine takes place right after the manga (but more specifically just right after the Gaiden one-shot special manga) 1 year after the Demon Battle, as well as 27 years into the future.


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