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Zatch Bell!
Please note that this is an article on the 9th episode of the anime entitled "The Third Spell!", if you are looking for the article on the 19th chapter of the manga then you should head to The Third Spell.

The Third Spell!

The Third Spell1.jpg
Kiyo imagines how Jikerdor, the new spell, is
Japanese title
Kanji 第三の術ジケルド!
Rōmaji Daisan no Jutsu Jikerudo!
Translation The Third Spell Jikerudo!
Season 01
Episode # 09
Arc Fien Arc
Chapter(s) 19, 20
Japanese airdate 1st June 2003
English airdate 30th April 2005
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Previous episode A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu
Next episode The Elite Mamodo

The Third Spell! is the ninth episode of the Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime series. The antagonists of this episode are Fein and Sebé, who was trying to become king.


Fein and Sebé discuss their next foe.

The next day, Kiyo finds out a new page has become readable revealing the third spell. Kiyo and Zatch head to a deserted area to practice the third spell Jikerudo. When cast, nothing occurs and after multiple tries, they decide to give up. On their way home, they are attacked by a Mamodo named Fein and his partner Sebe. Kiyo manages to lead them to an abandoned building to prevent any more bystanders from becoming injured. The pair manages to overwhelm Kiyo and Zatch with their super-speed spells. Kiyo places his hope on the third spell and uses Jikerudo which causes the Mamodo Fein to become magnetized. With Fein's movements becoming restrained, Kiyo and Zatch are able to burn Fein's book. Kiyo wondering if all mamodos are all that powerful tells Zatch he must become stronger.

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