The Rematch: Zatch & Hyde Meet Again

Zatch and Hyde meet Again
Zatch gets shocked after seeing the effect of Jikir
Japanese title
Kanji 対決! ガッシュ対ハイド
Rōmaji Taiketsu! Gasshu tai Haido
Translation Showdown! Gash vs. Hyde
Season 1
Episode # 13
Arc Mamodo Battle Arc
Chapter(s) None (filler)
Japanese airdate July 13th, 2003
English airdate June 4th, 2005
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The Rematch: Zatch & Hyde Meet Again (対決! ガッシュ対ハイド Taiketsu! Gasshu tai Haido, lit. "Showdown! Gash vs. Hyde") is the 13th episode of the Zatch Bell! anime. The episode marks the second and final appearance of the Hyde and Eido duo, in the anime.


A mysterious wind is stealing many things from everybody and everywhere, which is revealed to be a trick of Eido to easily gain whatever he wants without any effort, while Hyde wants to train instead, in order to unlock the second spell, but has to follow Eido's orders, under the menace of having his book burned.

During one of his 'breaks', Eido sees Suzy and talks to her, but only to fail and she doesn't remember him. Zatch and Kiyo talk to her, and she then follows them. Angry about the life differences between he (Eido) and Kiyo, (and after being defeated by Zatch's second spell) he decides to kidnap some of the genius' friends and takes them to a water reservatory but forgot to tell Kiyo where they were.

Inside the water reservatory, Eido tortures the students by almost making them fall to the ground while they're tied to each other. Thanks to Zatch's sensibility to feel the presence of sandwiches nearby, Kiyo managed to find them and fought the air duo, what leads to they learn the second spell: Jikirga. After a small clash of powers, Hyde and Eido escape, while Kiyo and Zatch take the hostages back. Then Eido deicides they're going to train and become stronger.

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  • This is the first filler episode of the anime.
  • This is the last time that Hyde appears in the anime, but he appears again the battle against Clear Note, along with many other mamodo. That is because Hyde was an anime-exclusive character until he made a cameo in the manga during the Golden Spellbook attack rush.
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