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Zatch Bell!
Please note that this is an article on the 48th episode of the anime, if you are looking for the article on the 84th chapter of the manga, then you should head to The Mystery of the Stone Tablet.

The Mystery of the Stone Tablets

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 48
Arc Mamodo Battle
Chapter(s) 83,84
Japanese airdate March 14, 2004
English airdate March 4, 2006
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Next episode Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve

The Mystery of the Stone Tablets is the forty eighth episode of the Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime.


Kiyo while shopping with Suzy finds a stone tablet similar to the one from before. (Ep23) Kiyo buys the stone and brings it home. He decides to use open minded tests on the stone while leaving the scientific methods to his father. Kiyo, Zatch and Tia tried plenty ridiculous ways on the stone tablet until Tia finally loses it and tried to smash it with a hammer. The attempt failed although she injure both Zatch and Kiyo on the cheeks, Kiyo then kicked them out of the room.

 Meanwhile, Zatch, Tia, and Ponygon decide to train for the tougher Mamodo battles ahead. Elsewhere, a strange man and his Mamodo Kido are on a plane heading to Japan to meet with Zatch and Tia. At night time, a mysterious Mamodo steals the stone tablet from Kiyo's room and at the same time in England, the stone piece Kiyo's father is studying is also stolen. Elsewhere, a masked Mamodo stares at his collection of stone tablets. 

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both kicked out of the room by kiyo