The Mystery of the Missing Red Book

Yuuta decides to give Kiyo the Red Spellbook
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 06
Arc Hospital Arc
Chapter(s) 11, 12
Japanese airdate 11th May 2003
English airdate 9th April 2005
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The Mystery of the Missing Red Book (消えた赤い魔本, Kieta Akai Mahon in the original) is the sixth episode of the Zatch Bell anime.


Suzy comes to visit Zatch and Kiyo in the hospital, who are recovering from their battle with Brago and Sherry in the last episode. Zatch is hungry, so he pesters a young boy also in the hospital named Yuuta, who lets Zatch eats his food. Kiyo warns Yuuta his injury (his right leg) won't get better if he doesn't eat better. Upset, Yuuta takes Zatch's book while he's gone.

Meanwhile, Suzy finally finds Kiyo's room after getting lost. Unfortunately, Zatch and Kiyo are so worried about the book, they completely ignore Suzy. Yuuta tells Kiyo he took the book, and says Kiyo must apologize for saying he won't get better. Kiyo refuses, so Yuuta tells them he will burn the book. Zatch and Kiyo give chase, however they are quickly stopped by a nurse. Suzy chases after Yuuta instead, and Zatch manages to get away from the nurse. Zatch ends up being chased by a group of nurses, and Suzy takes a young girl to her parents, leaving nobody to chase Yuuta.

Kiyo uses one of Suzy's oranges to get away from the nurse and chase Yuuta. Zatch runs into Yuuta right when he's about to burn the book. Yuuta tries to trick Zatch into going the opposite way of the book, however Zatch stays with Yuuta to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Yuuta decides not to burn the book anymore, and climbs a ladder on the rooftop to throw it to Zatch. Zatch gets mad at Yuuta for being risky, and Yuuta accidently falls off from the ledge. Right when Yuuta is about to hit the concrete, Kiyo uses Zaker on the floor to destroy it, and Yuuta lands on pillows in the linen closet directly below. That night, Yuuta eats a lot of healthy food so he can get better.

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