Zatch Bell!

The Lightning Boy From Another World

The Lightning Boy From Another World.png
Japanese title
Kanji 魔界から来た電撃少年
Rōmaji Makai kara kita Dengeki Shōnen
Translation The Lightning Boy from Demon World
Season 1
Episode # 1
Arc Zatch Arc
Chapter(s) 1
Japanese airdate April 6, 2003
English airdate March 5, 2005
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The Lightning Boy From Another World (魔界から来た電撃少年 Makai kara kita Dengeki Shōnen, lit. "The Lightning Boy from Demon World") is the first episode of the Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime.


One day, a mamodo named Zatch Bell crashes into Kiyo Takamine's room. Zatch gives Kiyo a letter from his father which reveals that Kiyo's father found an amnesic Zatch unconscious in the forest and with him was a red book in a mysterious language. Mr. Takamine saw the kindness and determination in Zatch and decided to send him to Kiyo in order to help Kiyo make friends, and as a birthday present.

While arguing with Zatch, Kiyo reads Zakeru from the book. The book glows red and Zatch shoots lightning out of his mouth destroying Kiyo's wall, yet Zatch seems unaware of what happened. At school, Kiyo annoyed with Zatch's presence sends Zatch to the rooftop to deal with "bullies". Zatch finds Suzy Mizuno on the rooftop and coincidently, also finds a bully named Kane. The bully proceeds to beat up Zatch and mocks Kiyo while Kiyo watches from afar. Eventually, he finds the courage to stand up to Kain, but he is also beaten.

Later, a mysterious flying skateboarder named Eido comes from the sky and knocks out the bully by blasting wind with his hand. He then demands Suzy to be his girlfriend and attacks Kiyo and Zatch. Kiyo notices that a child like Zatch is the one using the wind techniques. Kiyo reads "Zakeru" from Zatch's red book and Zatch fires lightning at Eido, scaring them away. In the distance, a mysterious Brago and Sherry Belmont reveal the mamodo battle has begun.

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  • In the original Japanese version, the first opening theme Kasabuta was used as an insert song when Zatch fought against Hyde toward the end of the episode.
  • In the English version Zatch is wearing boxers instead of being naked in the very beginning.
  • Due to censorship purposes, 2 out of 3 scenes of Suzy's skirt flying up and revealing her white panties as a result of Eido's perversion are cut from the English version. Interestingly, one scene is kept intact in the English version during Zatch's first use of the Spell "Zaker" at Kiyo's school but is mostly obscured by her shadow from the blast.
  • Hyde and Eido are the first mamodo Zatch and Kiyo meet in the anime but not in the manga as they never appeared in the manga but Hyde appears in chapter 319 as a cameo.