The Invulnerable Robnos

Statue reading
Kiyo reads the message left by Suzy's "kidnapper"
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 16
Arc Robnos Arc
Chapter(s) 29, 30, 31
Japanese airdate July 27th, 2003
English airdate June 25th, 2005
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The Invulnerable Robnos (冷凍庫対決 不死身のロブノス Reitoko Taiketsu Fujimi no Robunosu, lit. Showdown in a Freezer, Robnos the Immortal) is the 16th episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


Zatch finds in Kiyo's house a statue of Suzy, which has a message on it's neck saying that if Zatch and his bookkeeper don't come to meet the 'kidnappers' within 3 P.M in a cold storage room, she's going to suffer. Once they arrive in the storage room, the 'kidnapper' is revealed to be a mamodo called Robnos. He manages to hurt Zatch, at the point of they almost give up saving Suzy. However, he uncovered the secret behind Robnos' invincibility by demolishing everything in the cold storage room: there were two of him the whole time. This leads to the fusion of both Robnos and the reveal of his true form, which can stop Zaker with a single hand and destroy Rashield with a Biraitsu. Kiyo feeling numb from the cold uses a risky plan for Zatch to throw him at Robnos. Kiyo sticks an iron rod in Robnos' helmet to use as a lightning rod for a Zaker spell.

As Robnos' book burns, he comments that Suzy was never taken hostage and that there's someone who looks like Zatch hanging around England. It turned out Suzy was absent from being sick.

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