Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

The Invincible Folgore

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Folgore decides to keep up the fight
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 11
Arc Parco Folgore Arc
Chapter(s) 26, 27, 28
Japanese airdate June 15 of 2003
English airdate May 21 of 2005
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The Invincible Folgore (無敵フォルゴレ! Muteki Folgore!) is the eleventh episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


Suzy faints and Kanchome carefully puts her on the bed before she lands on the floor. They sit down (Zatch, Kanchome, Kiyo) and they wait for Kanchome's owner to come back. 2 hours later, Parco Folgore finally comes back and when he comes in he sings a song. Then thinking he is hypnotising them because Zatch is dancing along he hits him with Zaker then Kanchome sings another to get him to get up. Folgore uses a spell to turn into a cannon but then since it can't fire he has to tell them. Then after Folgore is shocked by Zaker several times he tries to give up but Kanchome doesn't want to and after seeing Kanchome trying to fight himself a new spell which shrinks you awakens in the book. He uses it and attacks Kiyo but at the end after realising that he couldn't attack them at the amount of power they currently had he decided to give up and Kiyo lets him go but they promise they will meet again.

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  • Parco Folgore sings Hey Lets dance all day Instead of Chichi Chichi Opai due to the original version's pervert intention. The CD's front cover is completely changed in the censored version.
  • Folgore's Cowardness is similer to Shibuki and Usopp from Naruto and One Piece in a Movie called protect the Waterfall Village while Kanchomane's Personality is similer to the Children from Shibuki's Village like Usopp's friends , Carrot , Pepper and Onion who looked up to their Captain , but in the other hand Shibuki accepts women as person, (but not Folgore cause he's a little cuckoo for Coco Puffs like Jiraiya and Sanji from One Piece with Master Roshi from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, in other case Folgore is a little bit like Yamcha and Miroku from InuYasha) .