Heart warrior

The Heart Warrior

The Heart Warrior (心臓を打つ魔物, Shinzō wo Utsu Mamono) is the guardian of Faudo's Heart. It is his job to make sure that Faudo's heart beats by striking it with two large rods like a drum. As one might expect, this is a job that makes him very busy. In the manga, the Heart Warrior is sent to destroy the device that sends Faudo back to the the

The Heart Warrior powered-up after Faudo's revival

Mamono World and fights with Arth and Karudio, a fight resulting in the burning of Karudio's book after Sauza uses Karudio's ultimate spell and works together with Arth and Elly to freeze the Heart Warrior and smash him to pieces. Whereas in the anime, the Heart Warrior fights against Ted and Cherish. Ted manages to defeat him, but not before the Heart Warrior burns Cherish's book. He is voiced by Haruo Satou in the original version.


Back Pipes: The pipes on his back pump Faudo liquid into his body, allowing him to recover from any damage almost immediately.

Rod of Flame: The Heart Warrior has the ability to create a tremendous amount of fire.

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