The Great Mamodo Battle

The Great Mamodo Battle
Zatch finds an Innocent Dog
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 04
Arc Brago Arc
Chapter(s) 7, 8
Japanese airdate April 27, 2003
English airdate March 26, 2005
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The Great Mamodo Battle (100人の魔物の戦い, Hyakunin no mamono no tatakai; lit. The Battle of the 100 Mamono) is the fourth episode of the Zatch Bell! anime. This episode is important since it explains the premise and exposition of the series. In the series overall, that's one of the most important episodes.


Brago and Sherry are driving to somebody's house, supposedly with a plan. Kiyo has a flashback to right after his battle with Reycom and Hosokawa. In it, Zatch realizes that he is the one who casts lightning. Zatch feels like a freak, and becomes depressed. In the present, Kiyo sees Zatch standing on top of a clock, and thinks he is going to jump. However, it turns out Zatch was trying to showcase his lightning powers to a group of kids, and one girl named Naomi gets mad at Zatch for not shooting lightning out of his mouth. Kiyo is mad at Zatch for almost doing something dangerous, and Kiyo leaves Zatch alone.

While Zatch is looking for his way home, he meets a dog named Gofure who helps him look around. Meanwhile, Brago and Sherry show up at Kiyo's house, and Kiyo answers the door to let them in. Zatch and Gofure find their way home, and eavesdrop on Kiyo and Sherry's conversation. Sherry tells Kiyo that Zatch is a mamodo from another world. 100 mamodo children have come to earth to fight and decide who becomes the next mamodo king. The spell books are used for combat, however if burnt, the mamodo will be sent back to the mamodo world.

Sherry asks Kiyo to burn his book. Kiyo, however, refuses, causing Sherry to accuse Kiyo of using the book for evil purposes. Sherry then casts Reis, pushing Kiyo across the room. Sherry warns Kiyo he is endangering his life by participating in the mamodo battle. Zatch starts crying and walks away. Kiyo asks Sherry why she is in the mamodo battle, causing Sherry to reflect on her memories and enrages her. At the door of Kiyo's house, a man named Renji shows up and reveals that Gofure is his mamodo.

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