The Elite Mamodo

Elite Mamodo
Shin remembers his mother's words
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 10
Arc Eshuros Arc
Chapter(s) 22, 23, 24, 25
Japanese airdate June 8, 2003
English airdate May 14, 2005
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The Elite Mamodo (エリート魔物エシュロス Eriito mamono Eshurosu in the original) is the tenth episode of the Zatch Bell! anime series.


Zatch is helped by a kind man named Shin. Kiyo, noticing that his partner Eshros is holding a mamodo book realizes that Shin is a Mamodo. After secretly following them, they realize that Eshros is actually the Mamodo and that the pair intend to destroy a school tomorrow.
Angry Zatch

Zatch gets Angry with Eshros' personality

Zatch follows the pair believing Shin to be a good person and learns that Eshros is manipulating Shin by making him believe he is fulfilling his mother's dying wish of becoming a strong-willed person. The next day, Kiyo and Zatch are able to convince Shin that Eshro is manipulating him. Shin realizing his mother wanted him to be like Kiyo, uses his strongest spell to defeat Kiyo and Zatch. Shin then gives Kiyo his book to burn knowing that Eshro is a bad person that does not deserve to be king.

In the end, Zatch and Kiyo see the grave of Shin's mom. Shin feels happier knowing that he's made real friends.

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