Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

The Dancing Mamodo

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 22
Arc England Arc
Chapter(s) 49-51
Japanese airdate September 7, 2003
English airdate August 6, 2005
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The Dancing Mamodo is the twenty second episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


Zatch and Kyo are working on their new spell. During this time Zatch and Suzy hear singing.

The singing is coming from a mamodo named Yopopo. His book owner Djem jumps on Zatch thinking he's a mamodo at first but then says that he isn't and apologizes. She invites the group to lunch but makes Yopopo eat elsewhere.

Once Yopopo's lunch is finished, Zatch and Suzy begin dancing while Djem talks about how she met Yopopo. She also talks about how Kikuropu and his book owner attacked her parents. Zatch and Suzy join them unable to keep up with Yopopo's stamina.

Later Yopopo is attacked by Kikuropu and fights him alone. Yopopo is badly hurt until Zatch, Djem and Kiyo show up. Kiyo tries the fourth spell but it doesn't work. Yopopo's book catches on fire during the attack as well. Yopopo smiles because as long as Djem is safe he doesn't care what happens to his book.

Kiyo full of emotions finally gets the fourth spell to work and with Djem's help, Kikuropu's book is burned. Yopopo and Djem share one last hug with Yopopo finally saying Djem's name.

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