Teozakeru (Teozaker)

Teo Zakeru.pngZatch's first usage of Teozakeru
Zatch Bell, Zeno
English Incantation: Teozaker
Japanese Incantation: Teozakeru (テオザケル)
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Type: Attack Episode: 147
Chapter: 255 Video Game: N/A
Blue lightning.png
Description: Teozakeru is Zatch Bell's 9th spell, and Zeno's spell of an unknown number. An enhanced version of Zakeru, it generates a massive blast (as indicated by its Teo- prefix) of lightning that fries the enemy. It is also shown (in episode 148 in the anime) that it is able to jump across the ground. It is learned by Kiyomaro along with three other spells during his time in a healing chamber in the Faudo Arc, after his resuscitation. It is first used on Rodeaux after Kiyomaro recovers and arrives in Faudo's brain. Zatch and Zeno use this spell at the same time to signal the start of their battle. This spell replaces Zakeruga and Zakeru as the team's primary attack spell, but despite its power, the spell's usefulness quickly dropped upon the arrival of Clear Note, who emerged without a scratch from its blast.
Zatch Bell, Zeno's Other Spells: Zakeru, Rashirudo, Jikerudo, Zakeruga, Rauzaruku, Ganreizu Zakeru
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