Shin Shudoruku

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Japanese Incantation: Shin Shudoruku (シン・シュドルク)
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Type: Assist Episode: N/A
Chapter: 305 Video Game: ????
Description: Shin Shudoruku is Ponygon's fourth and final spell. An enhanced version of Shudoruku, it grants Ponygon a massive new armor that seems to be filled with spikes with flight capabilities and a massive horn. Ponygon can change around the form of the armor, shifting the armor to a certain point to form a shield, or attach passengers to him. It was also used in the battle with Clear Note.
Ponygon's Other Spells: Shudoruku, Gou Shudoruku, Dioemuru Shudoruku, Shudorudo, Shudorusen


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