Shin Feiuruku

Shin Feiuruku
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Japanese Incantation: Shin Feiuruku (シン・フェイウルク)
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Type: Assist Episode: N/A
Chapter: 286 Video Game: N/A
Description: Shin Feiuruku is one of Ashuron's spells. It allows Ashuron to fly with at an incredible speed. It allows him to fly at speeds that surpass the speed of sound, meaning that Ashuron flies at least over 768 miles per hour. The second time the spell was used, Ashuron almost hit Zatch while aiming for Clear. Clear remarks that if Ashuron was truly able to use a Shin spell, he would be able to maneuver in any manner.

It is first seen being used to take Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine to the place where Clear Note is battling Brago and Sherry, and is used a final time (after Ashuron's wings have been destroyed, strangely) to impale Clear through the stomach with Ashuron's horn, nearly killing the evil mamodo.

Shin Feiruku is the first Shin-class spell to appear.

Ashuron's Other Spells:
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