Selfish Penny's Goodbye

Japanese title
Kanji わがままパティ 惜別のスオウ・ギアクル
Rōmaji Wagamama Pati Sekibetsu no Suou Giakuru!!
Translation Selfish Penny's Suou Giakuru of Regret!!
Season 2
Episode # 82
Arc Ancient Mamodo Arc
Japanese airdate November 14, 2004
English airdate October 7, 2007
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Selfish Penny's Goodbye (わがままパティ 惜別のスオウ・ギアクル, Wagamama Pati Sekibetsu no Suou Giakuru!!) is the eighty second episode of Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime and the thirty second episode of Season 2.


Zatch and Kiyo try to battle Demolt. After he attacks with his big fist technique, Zatch climbs up his hand and Kiyo launches the Baou Zakeruga. It barely affects the monster as Kiyo drops to the ground. Ponygon tries to attack as Laila moves around the field with Albert. Then Penny starts helping them by launching a So Giaku to protect Zatch and Kiyo. She tries her best to fight it but it is too big.

She tries aiming for the crystal that gives him power that located in the ceiling but he stops her. Byonko is hiding because he is scared but Penny tries her best to stop Demolt. Zatch tries to help by combining his spell with Penny. After almost being attacked, Byonko faces his fear and attacks.

The mamodo proves to be too strong and Penny tries a So Gaiku spell right on his face but he still attacks. Demolt comes in for a final blow while Penny is crashing to the ground when Bianco dives in front of her and protects her with a spell but it isn't powerful enough and Bianco's book starts to burn. Penny's book catches on fire as she thanks Bianco for everything. Bianco disappears as Tia heals everybody on the other side with Saifogeo. Penny tries one last attempt at getting past Demolt and heading for the crystal. With one last So Giaku, she destroys the rock while Demolt aims a spike attack right at Penny. She is unable to dodge but Zatch and Ponygon rescue her as her book is still burning.

Zatch tells Penny before she leaves that she was nice and he liked her after all. Penny wishes them good luck in the battle.

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