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Mamodo Partner
Rops Apollo Genesis
ロップス, Roppusu アポロ・ジェネシス, Aporo Jeneshisu

Apollo Genesis[1] (アポロ・ジェネシス, Aporo Jeneshisu) and Rops are a Mamodo team. Their spells were based on the manipulation of ropes and chains.


Background and Meeting

Apollo is the heir to a successful American business company, and the story introduces him traveling the world, wanting to see all he can before he takes over the family business.[2] He found Rops during his travels. In the manga, Apollo sees him sailing a canal on a small raft made of a wood plank, twig mast, and leaf sail with a couple of cans of provisions. Apollo was walking the other direction, but looked back over his shoulder at seeing Rops.[3] In the anime, a couple of kids in a country he visited were tending to Rops, and when Apollo came and showed that he could unleash the power of his book, Rops left with him. From that time on, Apollo allowed Rops to lead the way wherever they went.

The Mamodo Battle

After meeting Rops, Apollo came across numerous opponents and learned of the battle to become king. He had no interest in the battle, to Rops's ire, but he liked traveling with Rops, calling him a cute and good companion. He used his precognitive abilities to defeat his opponents with ease, without burning any books.

In an urban area, he fought an unnamed snake Mamodo whose partner was an unknown woman in a shawl and dress. The snake grew to a massive size to fight them. The end of the battle showed the snake unconscious and tied up to a pole with its partner on the other side, their book a foot away from them as Apollo dusted off his hands and walked away.

On a pier, he fought Robnos and Ruku. Robnos fired at him with Biraitsu. The end of the battle showed Apollo nonchalantly pushing both of them into the water.

In a forest, he fought an unnamed wooden golem Mamodo whose partner was an unknown middle-aged dark-haired man in a toga. The golem attacked him with Amuruk. The end of the battle showed the golem strung up in a tree by its wrists and his partner by his ankles, their book open on the ground as Apollo walked away.[2]

Meeting Kiyo

Some time in the second leg of the battle, after the first 30 books had been destroyed, Apollo's travels brought him to Japan. The chapter opens with him looking admirably at the clouds and wishing humans had wings, then following after Rops as he runs off.

In the city, Kiyo sees him after he uses Riguron to lift a car that was about to run over a boy in the road, setting the car down on the other side before quietly turning and leaving. Kiyo found him again at the park, where he was entertaining children by playing his flute. They offered him a harmonica to play, which he mastered immediately, and then offered a recorder and a melodica for him to try. Kiyo, seeing his friendliness, attempted to leave quietly, not wanting to fight him. But Apollo, sensing his presence, casually asked what color his book was before pulling out his own. He sent the children away before spreading his cloak on the ground as a picnic blanket and saying he didn't want to fight.

Kiyo was pleasantly shocked to hear his story and learn how different his mindset was from the likes of Reycom and Hosokawa, Sugino and Haru, and Fein and Sebé. Apollo asked if Kiyo fought, and was visibly moved at seeing Kiyo's drive to help Zatch become a kind king. Kiyo remarked on how he was glad that they didn't have to fight before making to leave. In a moment of hesitation, though, he turns back and asks if Apollo and Rops are OK as they are, remarking uncertainly that they don't seem truly happy and free. Shaken from this, Apollo gets to his feet and requests to battle Kiyo and Zatch, observing that they seem to have something that he doesn't.[2]

Apollo tells Kiyo to meet him at the quarry in two hours, and returns to the city. While on his way to the quarry himself, he tells Rops to stop while walking ahead of him on the sidewalk. A potted plant drops down from an apartment high in the building beside them just behind Rops. Rops flies to Apollo's shoulder, scared, and Apollo remarks that it wouldn't be good to get injured before a fight, reflecting that he hadn't been so excited in a while.[4]

Versus Zatch and Kiyo

At the quarry, Kiyo remains incredulous about why Apollo had asked to fight when he said he didn't care about it. Apollo nonchalantly remarks that he just wants to fight Kiyo, and it shouldn't make a difference since he and Zatch have already fought battles to that point. Kiyo continues protesting as Apollo casts Rigron, and as Rops lifts a boulder, Apollo remarks that it would be a problem for Kiyo to make Zatch king if Apollo burned his book. Angrily, Kiyo readies his book and casts Zakeru to shatter the boulder, causing the fragments to fall towards Apollo. This surprises him, but he dodges the falling rocks effortlessly while Rops disappears. Apollo compliments him on his strategy and intelligence as he catches the last rock, but warns him that he can't win like that, throwing the stone and knocking the book out of Kiyo's hands. When Kiyo turns to grab it, he finds Rops with his hands already aimed at the book. Apollo warns him to take the battle seriously; next time, he'll burn the book.[4]

Rops flies back to Apollo as Kiyo grabs the book, and Apollo uses Rigron again to fire more boulders. Kiyo retaliates with Rashirudo, and Apollo senses its effect, making him dodge to the side before the boulders fly back at him. Angrily, Kiyo tries casting Baou Zakeruga, but nothing happens. Apollo assumes it was a bluff and continues throwing boulders. Kiyo begins panicking between his spells' failure and Apollo's abilities, but Zatch rams into a boulder that was about to hit him and asks him to direct him, to tell him how to win. Kiyo slowly calms down, reminding himself that with their experience, there's no reason to lose. Hyping himself, he screams at the sky, startling Zatch, Apollo, and Rops, who hides against Apollo's shoulder. Then he stands firm, to Apollo's satisfaction, and the battle begins in earnest.[5]

Kiyo fires Zaker at the ground in front of Apollo, casting a dust cloud around them. Apollo senses Kiyo approaching from behind to grab the book, and Rops trips him with Rigron. As he falls, Zatch comes from behind, and Rops swings Apollo into the air to dodge the Zaker attack. As the pairs put distance between themselves again and exchange more attacks, Apollo reflects on Kiyo's power: synchronized thoughts with his partner, masterful movement in battle, and above all, their persistence to win. He also senses power building in Kiyo's spellbook. Then, as Kiyo launches another Zaker spell, Apollo dodges, only to realize too late that he had aimed for Rops behind him. The lightning strikes true, making Rops scream in pain.[5]

Horrified, Apollo rushes back towards his partner, but is surprised to see him get back to his feet, determination in his eyes despite the burns all over his body. Thinking back on Kiyo's earlier words, Apollo finally understands what he was missing, and tells Rops that they'll make him the next king before saying that they'll use their strongest spell. He casts Dino Rigunoon and lifts a colossal boulder. As he prepares the final attack, he thanks Kiyo, saying he's never felt this way before, but that he can't lose now.[5]

Apollo struggles heavily maintaining the spell, sweating all over and even causing one of the anchors to come loose from the boulder. Kiyo responds with Baou Zakeruga, successfully casting the spell this time. Baou stretches its jaw wide to envelop the boulder, and the two spells ultimately cancel each other out. Kiyo panics as his body refuses to move, expecting Apollo to come after him, but Apollo reveals that he can't move either. Rops looks at him in concern as they agree to fight again someday when they're both stronger, and Apollo remarks that despite not winning and using up all of his energy, he feels good.[6]

Parting Ways

After the battle, Apollo tells Kiyo about the glow he saw from the book, theorizing that the longer the battle goes on, the more tension builds, which is what fuels Baou Zakeruga. Kiyo offers to let Apollo and Rops stay at his house and draws him a map as Apollo says he'd like to walk around for a bit. That night, however, Rops chooses a path in the other direction of Kiyo's house, and Apollo concedes to his choice.[6]

Versus Zeno and Dufort

Some time later, in Holland, Rops grew tense as he saw Zeon walking in front of them. Apollo called out to him, mistaking him for Zatch, but realized his mistake as he saw his eyes. Apollo said that he had fought Zatch, but parted ways because of his strength. Zeno dismisses this, thinking it was ridiculous that Gash had survived that long. Apollo attempts to leave, not wanting to fight, but Zeno calls Dufort from nearby, and looking in his eyes, Apollo understands that he can't walk away from this battle.[7]

They move to a field full of windmills to fight, and Apollo casts Rigron, throwing wooden beams around them to test their response. However, sensing the aim, they remained still, to Apollo's shock. Zeno tells them that he'll burn their book quickly if they don't fight seriously, and launches a Zaker that Apollo dodges. It strikes one of the windmills, sending the debris falling towards them, but Apollo evades it with his own power.[7]

He tries using Rigron to aim straight for Zeno's book, but Zeno blocks it with his mantle, then comes to point-blank distance and moves his hand too quickly for Apollo to dodge. Apollo barely evades the Zaker by swinging out of the way on a Rigron, but Zeno grabs the ropes and reels in Rops. Rops tries to run away, but Zeno moves in front of him and fires Zaker. Apollo tackles Zeno to the ground, barely managing to divert the attack from Rops, but it strikes his shoulder instead, badly injuring him. While Apollo realized that he was outmatched, Zeno remarked that though they were small fry, they'd come a long way. He tells Dufort to move as well, saying that they were the most interesting opponents that they'd faced in a while.[7]

Dufort begins approaching them, and Apollo casts Rigrosen to see how he will parry. To his astonishment, Dufort dodges most of the arrowheads, and though one causes an injury to his right shoulder, he doesn't flinch. Apollo continues reading his movements and launching projectiles, but Dufort continues dodging at the last possible moment. Finally, Apollo uses Dino Rigunoon, but Dufort identifies the weak spot and Zeno blasts it with lightning, diffusing the spell. Now certain that victory is impossible, Apollo runs away.[7]

Zeno and Dufort corner them against the side of a barn, and Dufort knocks the book out of Apollo's hands with a powerful strike before pinning him to the barn by his throat. Apollo senses feelings through Dufort's hand, and with a forced smile, he asks how much hatred he's hiding beneath his stoic exterior. Angered, Dufort strikes him to the ground and prepares to unleash his strongest spell. Zeno chastises him as he begins the incantation, telling him not to waste his energy on weaklings. Apollo lunges for the book, but Dufort casts Zaker, setting it ablaze. Apollo calls Rops over, holding him on his shoulder one last time, but Dufort repeats the spell to destroy the book completely, sending Rops back before Apollo can say goodbye. Apollo curses them as Zeno wraps Dufort in his mantle and teleports away.[7]

Meeting Kiyo Again

Three weeks after the battle against Zeno and Dufort, Apollo, now retired from traveling and the head of his family's company, comes to Kiyo's middle school and meets him there. They meet after classes on the school roof, and at Kiyo's request, Apollo tells him of how he lost Rops. Kiyo is furious to hear how they torched his already-burning book, and promises to get revenge. Apollo smiles, glad he had made the trip. He gives Kiyo their names and warns them to build their power until they can face them, and promises that he'll help him however he can. They part with a handshake, as friends.[8]

A Reliable Ally

Apollo used his resources to provide the travel arrangements needed for Kiyo and his allies to reach Zofis's base, and to return the brainwashed bookkeepers to their homes once the spell was broken.

Later, he also provided travel arrangements for them to confront Faudo in New Zealand.

After the Battle

In the final chapter, Apollo was among the many bookkeepers shown to have received a letter from their partners. He read Rops's letter with a smile on his face, one eye closed in a possible attempt to keep from crying. Rops appeared in the group picture of all of the mamodos and was also shown working in a quarry, lifting stones that Demolt mined into Koral Q, who was in the form of a truck.[9]


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Riguron (リグロン)
Type(s): Attack/Assist Episode: 24 Chapter: 60
Description: Fires ropes with hooks at the end; usually used to throw boulders.
Known user(s):

Dino Rignon
The Strongest Spell
Japanese Name: Dino Rigunoon (ディノ・リグノオン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 25 Chapter: 61
Description: Fires chains with steel anchors at the end; usually used for a massive boulder.
Known user(s):

Japanese Name: Rigurosen (リグロセン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 42 Chapter: 77
Description: Fires multiple strengthened "Rigron" spells with twice the speed.
Known user(s):

The Hooked Rope Spell
Japanese Name: Riguroon (リグロオン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: N/A
Description: Fires ropes with hooks on them to throw the enemy. (Video Game-only)
Known user(s):


  • Apollo's apparent talent to master musical instrument, his ability to predict attacks, and the sun on his suit and tie when he meets Kiyo later are all most likely references to the Greek god Apollo who is the god of music, medicine, prophecy and the sun.
  • He revealed to Kiyo that though they (he and Rops) fought many mamodos, they never really burned any book, they just keep winning battles and move on.



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