Rauzaruku (Rauzaruk)

Zatch Rauzaruku Chapter 96.png
Zatch Bell and Zeno
English Incantation: Rauzaruk
Japanese Incantation: Rauzaruku (ラウザルク)
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Type: Assist Episode: 49
Chapter: 96 Video Game: N/A
Description: Rauzaruku (ラウザルク) is Zatch's sixth spell, gained during the battle with Kido and Dr. Riddles. It causes a rainbow-colored bolt of lightning to shoot down from the sky and strike Zatch, surrounding him in a rainbow colored aura. This aura greatly amplifies all of his physical attributes - speed, strength, and endurance - for thirty seconds.

Unlike other spells, Zatch does not lose consciousness while this spell is in effect, and while Rauzaruk is being used, all other spells are blocked. It is used by Zeno only in the video games. Additionally, only in the video games, it allows both Zatch and Zeno to strike opponents with an electrically-charged punch that sends them skyward.

Zatch Bell and Zeno's Other Spells: Zakeru, Rashirudo, Jikerudo, Zakeruga, Ganreizu Zakeru, Teozakeru


  • In the video games and trading cards, Rauzaruk is colored gold instead of the rainbow-colored version seen in the anime when used by Zatch, and bluish white when used by Zeno. Additionally, it is shown to be physically taxing, as the user is momentarily immobilized when the effects of the spell wear off.
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