Rashirudo (Rashield)

Zatch Bell and Zeon
English Incantation: Rashield
Japanese Incantation: Rashirudo (ラシルド)
Meaning: Ra- (ラ) = Possibly derived from the Japanese word "Rai" (雷), meaning "Thunder"
-shirudo (シルド) = Shield
Type: Attack/Defense Episode: 3
Chapter: 6 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Electric Arena
Description: Rashirudo (ラシルド), known as Rashield in the English version, is Zatch's second spell, gained after their first encounter with Reycom and Hosokawa. It summons a tall, wide electrical wall to defend against frontal attacks by deflecting the attack and charging with with electricity to do additional damage.

The spell can guard at best mid-level spells, but after its enhancement during the battle with Faudo, it is shown to easily be able to guard against Gigano-class spells. If Zagurzem is used on it, the strength of the shield increases.

In the video games, Zeno can also use this spell.

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