Raou Dibauren (Rao Diboren)

Rao dibauren
Wonrei and Li-en
English Incantation: Rao Diboren
Japanese Incantation: Raou Dibauren (ラオウ・ディバウレン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 67
Chapter: 126 Video Game: N/A
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Description: Raou Dibauren (ラオウ・ディバウレン), known as Rao Diboren in the English version and is nicknamed the Exploding Tiger Fist (猛虎爆裂拳 Mōko Bakuretsu Kobushi)[1], is Wonrei's eighth spell. It is a Gigano class spell in which Wonrei summons an enormous white tiger with three tails.
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  1. The Japanese title of Episode 71 is called "Ai sureba koso... Unare Kanashimi no Raou Dibauren" (愛すればこそ...うなれ哀しみの猛虎爆裂拳) where "猛虎爆裂拳" (Mōko Bakuretsu Kobushi) means "Exploding Tiger Fist" and the furigana used for it is "ラオウ・ディバウレン" (Raou Dibauren).
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