Ragikoru Fangu (Lagikor Fang)

Ragikoru Fangu
Furigaro and Reycom
English Incantation: Lagikor Fang
Japanese Incantation: Ragikoru Fangu (ラギコル・ファング)
Meaning: Ragikoru Fangu (ラギコル・ファング) = The name of the Ice Wolf with -gikoru (ギコル) of Ragikoru meaning "Ice Attack" and Fangu (ファング) meaning "Fang"
Type: Attack Episode: 51
Chapter: Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Lagikor Fang (ラギコル・ファング Ragikoru Fangu) is one of Furigaro's spells and Reycom's fourth spell. It summons an icy, white wolf to attack its opponent from the ground. It is Reycom's strongest known spell, but is only used by him in the Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury video game.
Furigaro and Reycom's Other Spells: Ganzu Gikoru

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