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Japanese Incantation: Radomu (ラドム)
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Type: Attack Episode: 12
Chapter: 54 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles
Description: Radom is Zofis's first spell. It creates a small, spherical blaze of explosive energy that combusts upon impact. It is shown to be extremely quick, as most beginning spells are.

Though it is destructive enough on its own, Zofis has also improvised with it during his fight with Zatch and Kiyo and their allies using the erupting volcano at the battle site. By shooting it at rocks that were blasted out from the volcano, Zofis could create powerful meteor shower-like attacks that destroyed everything in the vicinity. Zofis stated that this strategy boosted Radom’s power to that of his Digan Teoradom spell.

Zofis's Other Spells: Teoradom, Rond Radom, Gigano Radom, Gigarado Shield, Dioga Teoradom, Oruga Radom, Digan Teoradom

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