Rēdo Dirasu Zakeruga

Reedo Dirasu Zakeruga
Zeno and Dufort
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Japanese Incantation: Rēdo Dirasu Zakeruga (レード・ディラス・ザケルガ)
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Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 260 Video Game: N/A
Blue lightning
Description: Rēdo Dirasu Zakeruga (レード・ディラス・ザケルガ) is one of Zeno's spells. An enhanced version of Zakeruga, it generates a large circular saw with a lighting symbol on the side. The saw is flung at the enemy via a string of lightening coming from Zeno's hand. Unlike, many other yo-yo based spells, Zeno wields it like a yo-yo instead of turning his hands or arms into a yo-yo.
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