Zatch's and Zeno's unnamed mother, referred to as Queen Bell (ベル王妃, Beru-ōhi), is the wife and queen of Dauwan Bell, the King of the Mamodo World before Zatch Bell. She appeared in the manga and was seen in a flashback of Zatch Bell! 101st Devil.

According to the first movie, the queen lived in Windmill Village of the Mamodo World. When Zatch returned to the Mamodo World in the movie, looking for his mother, his human partner Kiyo Takamine (while he doesn't know Zatch's and Zeno's mother) told Zatch that Zatch's mother may not be happy to see Zatch for not believing in himself. Kiyo also feels that Zatch's mother would want to see Zatch to become a King. Upon seeing a carved writing on a bridge that Zatch engraved before the battle started, Zatch remembered that he vowed to win the battle and make his mother happy. However, his mother wanted him to forget about her once the battle started and she wanted to forget her son, explaining that Zatch may go through many adversities throughout the battle. She then asked Zatch what kind of king he wanted to be. Zatch didn't have an answer back then but his mother said that he'll find his answer during the battle, and that is to become a kind king.

In the manga, the queen first appeared in a flashback when Zeno gave back Zatch's memories, including his memories as a baby. She later appeared in the manga, celebrating her younger son's victory after Zatch won the Mamodo Battle and becoming the new ruler.



  • Zatch's personality is similar to Queen Bell while Zeno's personality is similar to Dauwan before he became King.
  • Other than as a baby, Zatch never got to meet his mother and father but he would at least meet his mother for the first time in the Windmill Village after learning that his father and mother were the Mamodo King and Queen respectively, and that would be just before the battle of the new millennium began.
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