Ancient Mamodo
パヨム Payomu
Payom and Biaraham
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: N/A
Current Partner Stats
Name: Biaraham (ビアラハム Biarahamu)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
English Actor:
Japanese Actor: N/A
Previous Partner Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: {{{original partner gender}}}
English Actor:
Japanese Actor: {{{original partner japenese actor}}}
Mamodo Team Stats
The Ocra Book
Book Burned In Episode 77 And In Chapter 143.
Debut Episode: 69
Debut Chapter: 142
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont
Payom (パヨム Payomu) and Biaraham (ビアラハム Biarahamu) are a minor ancient mamodo team which only appears twice. Their spells wasn't shown, however their spells are based on sound. Their book was burned for Brago, during the final ancient mamodo showdown, where he burns all ancient mamodo books (except Laila and Demolt books). Biaraham's country of origin isn't known, but it should be an arabian one, as his name looks like an arabian, and he too; and he's also brainwashed for Zofis. Their japanese voices are unknown.


In their first appearence, they was shown along with Baraho; guarding one of the Devolo Ruins entrance, (image) but thanks to Kiyo's trick, they were despited because of a rock. In their last appearence, Payom is one of the Ancient mamodo who attacks Zatch and Ponygon right after Zofis burn Pamoon's book, and get their books burned for Brago spells.


Ability: Sound

Alignment: Evil

Spellbook Color: Ocra

Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont


"Reporting. It looks like the enemy entered for the underground way." (talking to Zofis)

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