Nyūborutsu Ma Gurabirei

Nyuuborutsu Ma Gurabirei
Brago and Sherry Belmont
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Japanese Incantation: Nyuuborutsu Ma Gurabirei


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Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 286 Video Game: N/A
Description: Nyuuborutsu Ma Gurabirei is one of Brago's spells. It is a double-layered gravitational sphere with an extremely powerful ball of gravity at its core. It draws all surrounding matter in a large radius within itself, crushing nearly all of it.

Brago learned the spell during his first battle with Clear Note, when Clear looked down on him like he was worthless after nearly defeating him. Clear acknowledged the spell's power by stating that he would have to use a more powerful spell to destroy it than he did with Diborudo Jii Gurabidon. Mir even thought that the spell would crush Clear, and was extremely surprised when he neutralized it. Brago uses the spell again after the arrival off Ashuron and Zatch Bell to hold Clear in place until Ashuron could deal a nearly fatal blow to him, winning the battle (but not burning Clear's book).

During the ten-month training period after this battle, Brago learns a more powerful Shin-class version of the spell, Nyuuborutsu Shin Gurabirei.

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