Noumen (ノウメン Noumen) and Kinjou (金城 Kinjō) are a minor ancient mamodo team who only appears once at the top of Devolo Ruins. As their spells are unnamed, their spells are based on Strengthening, also by the anime you can tell he prefers to fight with out a t-shirt (episode 77). In the manga he doesn't get the chance of use any spell, as Sherry strike his face with her knee, and defeating it with Brago's Gigano Reis. Kinjou seems to be a businessman whose mind is brainwashed by Zofis but got free once Brago burned all the ancient mamodo books, including his book.


Unnamed spell
Japanese Name:
Type(s): Attack Episode: 77 Chapter: N/A
Description: Creates energetic claws on Noumen's hands that allows him to slash through anything.
Known user(s):

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