Mr. Dancho (real name unknown in the original Japanese release) is the ringleader (サーカスのだんちょう Sākasu no Danchō) of Mr. Dancho's Traveling Big Top (オロロン・サーカス Ororon Circus in the Japanese version). While Parco Folgore was signing autographs to women surrounding him, Dr. Dancho kidnaps Kanchomé by luring him into his moving truck with a basket of candy and locked Kanchomé in his truck by dropping bars. Parco Folgore tries going after the truck when he noticed Kanchomé being taken away.

Mr. Dancho brings Kanchomé to his circus to do performances for the audience. Kanchomé's first performance was to dance on a giant rolling ball. Kanchomé was nervous as his rehearsals were a disaster. Kanchomé attempts to dance on it anyway and like he thought, Kanchomé would fail and fall off but the audience laughs anyway.

Kanchomé's second performance was juggling clubs. The clown next to him juggled his set well but Kanchomé fails juggling his club and hits the ringmaster and the clown but the audience still goes wild, cheering for the humanoid duck mamodo. Despite that, Kanchomé runs off stage crying since he misses Folgore. Mr. Dancho enters Kanchomé's room and dismissed Kanchomé for the day since there wasn't enough crowd to entertain for a second performance and because Kanchomé did well enough.


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