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Mochinoki Huge

Full view of the City

Mochinoki City (都市モチノキ Toshi Mochinoki) is a fictitious city located on Japan, in the Zatch Bell! anime/manga series. The place is most known for being the one with most episodes in there. It's also where the main protagonists Zatch and Kiyo live, and because of this, many mamodo went there only to fight the "crybaby". During the Battle to Determine King of the Mamodo World, this place was the one place with the majority of battles, after the Devolo Ruins. Within the city are also located many popular places, like Mochinoki Park, Mochinoki Department Store, and Mochinoki Middle School.

Kabutomushi Bank

Suzume walking into Kabutomushi Bank

Suzy walking to the robbed bank.

Kabutomushi Bank (甲虫銀行 Kabutomushi Ginkō, lit. "Beetle Bank") is a bank in Mochinoki City, robbed by a human criminal in chapters 2 and 3 of the manga. The criminal robbing this bank took many civilians including Suzy Mizuno but was the robber was defeated by Zatch and Kiyo and the bank was saved. The news on how a school teenager saved the bank was published in chapter 4.

Battles that took place here

Mochinoki Park

Mochinoki Park (モチノキ公園 Mochinoki Kōen) is a playground in Mochinoki City that Zatch likes to play. The playground is a has a slide, swing set, jungle gyms, spring riders, and a seesaw. Zatch likes to play at Mochinoki Park whenever Kiyo goes to school. However, Zatch often encounters Naomi at the playground who bullies him almost every time Zatch attempts to go at the park. Naomi often chases after Zatch in her Je t'aime-mobile.

Characters that often visits here

Mochinoki Department Store

Mochinoki Department Store (モチノキデパート Mochinoki Depāto, lit. "Mochinoki Depart") is a department store in Mochinoki City. The department store is occassionally shown. Recurring characters that often appear in the department store are Lady Susan, Suzy Mizuno, Sabae "Wife" Nakata.

In episode 43 and chapter 78, Zatch and Ponygon went to the department store along with Wife and Suzy to see the theatrical stage play of Praying Mantis Joe while Wife went out to buy an "All-Purpose Knife" for ¥200 and buys a carrot for Ponygon and Suzy went out to buy a pear (洋ナシちゃん Yō Nashi-chan) doll. However, on that day, Wife and Suzy along with many other customers, were scammed from their purchases. In the same episode and the following chapter, Zatch sees Praying Mantis Joe being beaten by his co-actor and got upset. But as he watches the stage play of Prantis Mantis Joe, he reconsiders doubting his hero's skills. It was during that time when everyone found out they were scammed out of their purchases. The children who were crying wanted Praying Mantis Joe to save everyone, but Joe's actor Yabuki was too scared and weak to help everyone. Zatch was then convinced his "hero" was weak and fake. As for the scammed purchases everyone made, it was revealed that the store manager scammed everyone out of their money. Yabuki eventually gains enough confidence to stand up against the store manager and his goons but the "weak" Praying Mantis Joe gets beaten up but still tries to be a hero. Wife was the one who saves the day but Zatch gave Joe the credit and everyone got their refunds from their scammed purchases.

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Mochinoki Middle School

Mochinoki Middle School (Episode 1)
Mochinoki Middle School (モチノキ第二中学校 Mochinoki Daini Chūgakkō, lit. "Mochinoki Second Junior High School"), also known as Mochinoki Junior High School, is the middle/junior high school the 14-year old Kiyo went to during the series and may be the most popular location in the series other than the playground when Kiyo and Zatch are not out on a trip.

Sometimes when Zatch is bored, he (and sometimes Ponygon sneaks into the school, which often gets Kiyo into trouble. A few battles also have occurred at school.


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F Filler characters
T Transfer students

Teachers and staff

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Battles that took place here

Mochinoki Amusement Park

Mochinoki Amusement Park (English dub)

Mochinoki Amusement Park in the English dub (background blurred in the English dub), featuring a Shuttle Loop coaster (left), a wooden coaster (middle left), the Sonic/Super Shuttle (middle), a pirate ship ride (middle-right) and a hurricane ride (right) from the park entrance's view.

Mochinoki Amusement Park (モチノキ遊園地 Mochinoki Yuenchi) is an amusement park in Mochinoki City that Zatch and Kiyo visited with Tia and Megumi. The amusement parks feature an assortment of rides, attractions, and stalls. Zatch and Tia wanted to ride the Thunder Coaster (or Super Shuttle in the manga) but were too short to ride the roller coaster. On the same day they went to the theme park, another pair of mamodo teams were also at the amusement park. Zatch, Kiyo, Tia, and Megumi battled against Purio, Lupa, Zoboron, and Hige in a double battle with Zoboron being eliminated while Purio and Lupa fled from battle.

Known rides featured at Mochinoki Park are a steel roller coaster called Thunder Coaster, a looping starship ride called Sonic Shuttle (スーパー・シャトル Sūpā Shatoru, lit. "Super Shuttle"), a pirate ship ride called Pirate Ship, a go-kart ride, a distorted house ride called Fun House (びつしいハウス Bitsushī Hausu, lit. "Clumsy House"), a Ferris wheel, a hurricane ride, an arctic-themed river cave dark ride called Antarctic Ice Ride (南極探検 Nankyokutanken lit. "Antarctic Expedition"), a teacups ride, a pool area with water slides, and a few other roller coasters.

Mochinoki Amusement Park (or perhaps another amusement park) was featured in the first film with Suzy Mizuno and Naomi in it but the park was closed due to an eruption of Mt. Fuji. However, the battle between Zatch's friends and Wiseman extends to the amusement park.

Battles that took place here