Mikoruo Ma Zegaruga (Mikor Ma Zegaruga)

Mikor Ma Zegarura
Kido and Dr. Riddles
English Incantation: Mikor Ma Zegaruga
Japanese Incantation: Mikoruo Ma Zegaruga (ミコルオ・マ・ゼガルガ)
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Type: Attack Episode: 73
Chapter: 136 Video Game: N/A
Description: Mikoruo Ma Zegaruga (ミコルオ・マ・ゼガルガ Mikoruo Ma Zegaruga), known as Mikor Ma Zegaruga in the English version, is one of Kido and Dr. Riddles's spells. A monumental metallic goddess is created from Kido's power.
Kido and Dr. Riddles's Other Spells: Zegaru, Zeburuku, Zeshirudo, Koburuku, Zegaruga, Zerusen, Raajia Zerusen, Amu Zegaru, Gigano Zegaru, Mikoruo Shin Zegaruga

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