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  • Hello! 

    I have been talking with NejiHyuga900 and checked out the contributions for the spell nomenclature for this site. Which has lead me to you! (I'm also a Steven/DBZ fan) 

    A little about myself, I'm a new fan of the Gash Bell series and got very passionate about the story and idea of the universe. Which has lead me in my nature (a writer and blossoming Table top dev) to create a "100 Demons" Table-top rpg format in the theme and style of Gash Bell!!

    Currently I'm struggling with missing terms and nomenclature from the lists. Going through the different character's and their spells. Some of them are not listed. I'm trying to create a complete comprehensive list of terms to use as spell creation templates for our RPG.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to help! I would absolutely appreciate it. I have plans to share the RPG freely to anyone, as well as potentially self publish my own works based on my unique story not related to Gash Bell (for licensing purposes), which will be free/optional/Crowd-funded, etc.

    It's not my first dive into RPG development, I have put my own project for a unique system aside until I had more wins under my belt, and this was a good opportunity to do that.

    Thank you for reading this if you do, Feel free to message here or Email me at

    Thank you from all of us Gash Bell fans here who use and love your page.


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  • I'm the admin and loved your gifs, where you download the episodes without the subtitles? I always search for, but not found

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    • RnR

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the gifs. I acutally use with premium membership since I'm unable to find downloads with subtitles myself. Heck, I'm lucky to even find the actually eps on Youtube.

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