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The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror arc (魔鏡編 Makyōhen) is an anime-only story arc which happened in the series' first season in episodes 30 to 35, and it's main objective was a Magic Mirror (魔鏡 Makyō, can also translate to "Demon Mirror") from the Mamodo World, which was brought to the Human World for Grisor. However, Grisor selects 2 mamodo teams to find the pieces of it and bring it back to him, promising good things. Those teams were Cut N' Paste and Kiichiro and Nya and Shion Hibiki. This Arc and its characters are only seen in the anime which makes them fillers.


When Grisor tried to bring the Magic Mirror to the human world, it broke in three pieces, which were scattered throughout the Human World. Wanting to get back its power, Grisor hires two Mamodo teams to find the pieces and bring them back to him. Grisor and Dr. Hakase find the first piece themselves. While Zatch is swimming behind a yellowtail tuna he finds a shining shard in the depths, which is revealed to be the second piece. A new student named Shion befriends Zatch and Kiyo, interested in their piece of mirror, but they're attacked by Cut N' Paste, who also wanted the shard. However, Zatch defeats Cut with the use of Jikerudo. Shion then sees the piece of the mirror that Zatch has, showing her first clear interest in it during the arc. Wanting to "get free of the Mamodo Battles", Shion and Nya fight Zatch and Kiyo, and Zatch ends up giving his piece of the mirror to Shion. Kiyo then wants to give his and Zatch's piece along with Shion and Nya's piece to Grisor to see if what he promised to her was true. But when it happens, Grisor steals the mirror and escapes from Zatch, Kiyo, Shion and Nya. Grisor and Dr. Hakase appear and start fighting the four (but with the mirror complete, Grisor uses his Riapo spell) and ends up burning Nya's book. Then Zatch and Kiyo defeat them with their supreme spell Baou Zakeruga, which breaks his armor from Gigano Faidoruku.


EP# Dub Title Original Title Original airdate English airdate
31 The Cute Transfer Student
"Makyōhen Kawaii Tenkōsei!" (魔鏡編 カワイイ転校生!, lit. "Magic Mirror Arc: The Cute Transfer Student")
November 9, 2003 October 8, 2005
32 Shion's Secret
"Makyōhen Shion no Kanashiki Himitsu" (魔鏡編 詞音の悲しき秘密, lit. "Magic Mirror Arc: Shion's Sad Secret")
November 16, 2003 October 15, 2005
33 The Joining of the Three
"Makyōhen Mitsu no Kakera ga Sorou Toki" (魔鏡編 三つのかけらがそろう時, lit. "Magic Mirror Arc: When Three Pieces Reunite")
November 23, 2003 October 29, 2005
34 Sunset Soaked in Tears
"Makyōhen Yūhi ni Somatta Namida" (夕陽に染まった涙, lit. "Magic Mirror Arc: Tears Bathed in the Sunset")
November 30, 2003 November 5, 2005
35 The Final Mirror Battle
"Makyōhen Shakunetsu no Saishū Kessen" (魔鏡編 灼熱の最終決戦, lit. "Magic Mirror Arc: The Burning Final Battle")
December 7, 2003 November 12, 2005