Mamodo Mirror
The Magic Mirror (魔鏡 Makyō, can also translate to "Demon Mirror") is a mysterious artifact from Mamodo World that can give the user or others incredible power, multiplying the power of their spells by a hundred times, like turning the Grisor's fire-flicking spell Faigaru into a flamethrower. If the mirror ever breaks, this power does not work until all of the pieces of the Magic Mirror are assembled.

When Grisor brought the Magic Mirror to the Human World, it broke into three pieces and scattered through the Human World. He hired Cut N' Paste, Kiichiro, Nya, and Shion Hibiki to retrieve the broken pieces of the Magic Mirror to re-assemble. Grisor already found the first piece. Zatch Bell found another piece of the mirror while he was swimming but he was suddenly attacked by Cut N' Paste. Shion and Nya, who've been following Zatch and Kiyo, battled for the piece of mirror. Shion and Nya were wanting to be free from the Mamodo Battles and it was said that the Magic Mirror could grant them that wish. After giving all the pieces of the mirror to Shion. However, her wish was not granted and Grisor took back the mirror, displaying its real power.

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