London Calling

Chase! London's Breast Groper
Japanese title
Kanji 追え!ロンドンのチチもげ魔
Rōmaji Oe! Rondon no Chichi Mogema
Translation Chase! London's Breast Groper
Season 01
Episode # 18
Arc England Arc
Chapter(s) 40, 52, 53
Japanese airdate August 17, 2003
English airdate July 16, 2005
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London Calling (追え!ロンドンのチチもげ魔 Oe! Rondon no Chichi Mogema, lit. "Chase! London's Breast Groper") is the eighteenth episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine lands in London, England to visit his father at his university. On his way meeting his father, they found Kanchomé near a concert featuring Parco Folgore. Kanchomé asks Zatch and Kiyo to help him look for Folgore. Kanchomé brings them back to Folgore's room in the back of the concert and showed them a Folgore film called 00F and offers them a drink. After the movie ended, Kanchomé told Zatch and Kiyo that Folgore went missing and there was an hour before the concert starts.

Zatch and Kiyo assisted Kanchomé's search for the missing Folgore by having Zatch following his scent from his autographed objects. Before searching, they noticed Suzy Mizuno on a Routemaster bus and Suzy mistaken London for Hong Kong, China. While continuing the search for Folgore, Zatch and Kanchomé went off task, grabbing fish. While Kanchomé was searching for a fish, Zatch and Kiyo found Tia and Megumi Oumi in London and took pictures with them as precious memories. Meanwhile, while Suzy is touring London (mistaking it as Hong Kong), due to her clumsiness she hit a pole and Parco Folgore helped her out.

Continuing the search for Folgore, the boys found a candy shop that Folgore visited. The clerk told them that Folgore bought a lot of sweet from there. Then they went to the flower shop, where the flower clerk told them that Folgore bought a lot of flowers there. And then the toy store, where Folgore bought ten Folgore-figured toys. Kiyo asks Kanchomé if Folgore told him anything before leaving, Kanchomé tells Kiyo that he was going to see a girl.

Continuing the hunt for Parco Folgore, the boys come to a hospital. They found Folgore with Suzy on the third floor of the hospital. Kiyo chased after him and Folgore jumped off the hospital, a bit unharmed and started running away. Zatch and Kiyo gave him a little shock with Zakeru and they went back to the third floor. Parco Folgore went into a room of hospitalized children and gave them candy, flower, and toys. In the end, after Kiyo understands why Folgore left the concert, he tells Folgore to "make it to the end." After leaving the hospital to continue to visit father, a boy steals Kiyo's luggage...

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EP18 - Kiyo finding Kanchomé near concert EP18 - 00F Iron Folgore - Bang! Bang! Zatch, Kiyo, Megumi, and Tia taking a picture EP18 Parco Folgore giving presents to hospitalized children


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