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Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūjō Tag Battle Full Power (金色のガッシュベル!! 友情タッグバトル FullフルPowerパワー Konjiki no Gasshu Beru!! Yūjō Taggu Batoru Furu Pawā, lit. "Golden Gash Bell!! Friendship Tag Battle Full Power") is a video game exclusive for GameCube, released by Bandai in 200. It is the second game of the Yūjō Tag Battle series, the revised version of Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūjō Tag Battle and the prequel to Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles (Yūjō Tag Battle 2). It features the same characters from the first Yūjō Tag Battle game plus two new playable teams from the Zatch Bell! 101st Devil movie.

Playable characters

  1. Zatch & Kiyo
  2. Tia & Megumi
  3. Kanchomé & Folgore
  4. Ponygon
  5. Wonrei & Li-en
  6. Kido & Dr. Riddles
  7. Brago & Sherry
  8. Bari & Gustav
  9. Zeno & Dufort
  10. Wiseman & Kotoha
  11. Akatsuki & Sakurada

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