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Kiyo's Curry Camping Trip

Curry Trip
Kiyo and Kane are attacked by a 'dinosaur'
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 17
Arc England Arc
Chapter(s) 21, 39
Japanese airdate August 3, 2003
English airdate July 2, 2005
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Previous episode The Invulnerable Robnos
Next episode London Calling

Kiyo's Curry Camping Trip (清麿のカレーな夏休み, Kiyomaro no karē na natsuyasumi) is the Zatch Bell! anime series' 17th episode overall.


Kiyo wants to travel to London as soon as possible, due to the vacation having finally started. However, he still has many promises to be done, which he forgot all of them. He does his best to complete all of them within a day with help from Zatch. Kiyo then remembers the most important promise he made: going with the class to a camping trip.

Zatch can't go with them, but manages to follow the students with the help of a strange little horse and a wild bear. The campers then are split into groups, each with a different duty. Kiyo's group is responsible for making curry to the dinner, but he doesn't even know how to do that. After enjoying the camp for hours, both he and Zatch go to London, as well as a strange little horse.



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