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Mamodo Partner
Kanchomé Parco Folgore
キャンチョメ Kyanchome パルコ・フォルゴレ

Paruko Forugore

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Kanchomé (キャンチョメ Kyanchome, spelled as Kanchome in the Japanese version) and Parco Folgore (パルコ・フォルゴレ Paruko Forugore) are two fictional characters and protagonists of the manga and anime series Zatch Bell!. Kanchomé specializes in Illusion Magic and Transformation Magic and he placed 7th out of the 100 mamodo in the tournament.



Kanchomé is a mamodo about Zatch's age who wears a blanket sleeper, has an unusual cone-shaped hairstyle, has bug eyes, and sports a duck bill. His sleeper contains an endless pocket filled with candy. His personality tends toward childish and abrasive, often crying and whining like a baby to get whatever he wants; however, he has also shown great determination to protect his friends. Kanchome is also easily scared, often being easily frightened when fighting other mamodo, one of his fears is Brago.

Kanchomé often feels weak when fighting alongside his demon friends, especially during the Ancient Mamodo Arc when he and Kido were fighting Belgim EO. Kanchomé blames himself for Kido's book being burned by Belgim EO as result of his weak powers.His weakness is candy; despite having a pocket full of it, he cannot resist trying to grab candy that is laying around. He once got on a truck containing candy and a result ended up in Spain as part of a traveling circus; after being rescued by Folgore, he once again is fooled by a ship with candy heading to Antarctica and spends a considerable amount of time there before being found by Doctor Riddles. Despite this he is unusually perceptive at times. The best example is when he is the first one to realize that Faudo tower looks like a gigantic prison to hold in a giant and he knew about Zeno.

Kanchomé is voiced by Masami Kikuchi in the original version. In the English version, he is initially voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, but is replaced by Jeff Nimoy during the Ancient Mamodo Arc. In the Stonestream Recording Dub he is voiced by Anthony Bejarano.

Kanchomé ranked 5th in the first Konjiki no Gash Bell popularity contest and 8th in the second.

Parco Folgore


Parco Folgore is a superstar and film hero from Milan, Italy who normally spends his time touring the world, giving concerts and meeting his fans - especially the ladies, who love him. However, he and Kanchomé have come to Japan for a special purpose - to defeat Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine. They are defeated rather easily and leave, but Zatch and Kiyo meet them again in England where Kiyo discovers Folgore singing for a group of sick children in the hospital. They become friends after that, although Kiyo still dislikes Folgore's womanizing ways. A running gag with Folgore is that in almost every battle he's fought in he's generally the one who gets hit by the brunt of the enemy's spells while Kanchomé remains unscathed until later battles.

Folgore has two hit songs; "Chichi wo Moge" (translates to "Groping Breasts"; changed to "Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day" in English versions) and "Muteki Folgore" ("Invincible Folgore" in English), the latter of which has the unusual ability to revive him if it's sung by Kanchomé. He also frequently plays an "invincible super spy", 00F, in his films; this character has his own theme song as well, "00F's Theme".

Recently, more about Folgore's background has been revealed. In his youth, he desired to be a "lion", a powerful and strong person in body and spirit. However, he soon lost track of who he was and fought against anyone in his way, whether good or bad. However, as time went on, everyone avoided him such as exiting restaurants as he entered them or people he helped fleeing from him. Eventually, his parents packed his bags and forced him to leave at gunpoint out of fear. Just after he left his hometown, he saw an image on television of a bird standing on top of the tooth of a hippopotamus. Seeing the peaceful, yet powerful creature coexisting with the bird became a new inspiration for Folgore, making him choose the path that would lead to his stardom. However, the scars of his past were not completely removed as even currently his parents want nothing to do with him. He successfully stopped Kanchome from going down a similar path. He was happy to the point of tears when he received a letter from Kanchome after the battle.

Parco Folgore is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the original version and by Dave Wittenberg in the English version. In the Stonestream Recording Dub he will be voiced by David Stenstrom.

Folgore ranked 8th in the first popularity contest and 12th in the second. Raiku said that Folgore is his favorite character.

Kanchomé and Folgore as a Team

Kanchomé and Folgore rarely actually fight; they focus on deception and confusion with the help of Kanchomé's shape shifting abilities. They're amusingly inept at holding their own. However, there is more to this duo than comic relief. Folgore's endurance and speed seem to borderline on superhuman, shown how most of the fights he and Kanchomé been in have been mostly running away and him getting severely hurt, and Folgore even has a serious side to him; when Kanchomé is getting hurt he always tries to protect Kanchomé even to the extent that he risks his life.

When the duo fight alongside other demon teams such as Zatch Bell, Kanchomé's abilities are valuable. He often morphs into his teammates or even his opponents in order to misdirect their attacks and create openings, and when all else fails Kanchomé can shapeshift into large objects for his teammates to hide behind. His illusion spell is also used to effectively buy time for others. However, Kanchomé and Folgore have won fights on their own, often thanks to Kanchomé's shrinking spell which lets him get close enough to burn spellbooks with a match.


The team is introduced when they come to Kiyo’s hometown to fight Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine. They find his house, since Kiyo was sick, they easily defeated him and strapped him in the ceiling, and while Parco Folgore left, Kanchomé stayed and “turned into” Kiyo with his spell Poruk. When Zatch comes home, he finds Kanchomé (as Kiyo) and thought he was Kiyo. Suzy then comes over, and to no avail, she can’t realize Kanchomé was not the real Kiyo. Kiyo gets so angered he falls from the ceiling, and to which, after he punches Kanchomé, Kanchomé become himself, and tells Kiyo and the rest of the about his partner. Parco then comes back, but then is shocked, along with Kanchomé by Zatch and Kiyo. the two teams battle. Kanchomé and Folgore realize they were losing and escape. After more visits, they slowly become allies of Zatch and Kiyo, along with they‘re other friends.

In the Ancient Mamodo arc, they fight, along with other Mamodo, Belgim E.O. and Dalia Anjé with Kido and Dr. Riddles, and defeat them, but with the cost of Kido’s book being burnt.

Kanchomé and Folgore were also part of Kiyo’s group when then infiltrated Fraudo, which they escaped in good health, and without they’re book being burned.

Kanchomé and Folgore lasted long enough to make it into the 'King Festival', the battle between the remaining ten mamodo to determine the new king. After a surprising visit from Dufort, Kanchomé and Folgore received special training to help Kanchomé awaken his hidden power. The results of this training is later shown when Kanchomé beats Zatch in a practice match (a very 'one-sided' match). Later, Kanchomé and Folgore team up to battle against Mir and Gomu after the two track down and attack the demon Purio and bookkeeper Lupa, who were in Milan to recruit Folgore to help them with a show to raise money for a hiding shelter (suggesting they changed their ways after the Faudo arc.) Kanchomé demonstrates not only a newfound confidence, but a startling increase in power as he easily dominates his seemingly stronger opponent. However, there is a massive drawback to Kanchomé's newfound power: in gaining what he wanted, he becomes something horrible and monstrous in the process, losing all sight of the battle and descending into madness until Folgore is forced to stand up to him to turn him back to normal. However, after calming down Gomu by creating a more pleasant "Shin Poruku" experience, they are discovered by the baby bookkeeper Vino, who recites a spell that allows the evil Clear Note to sent two blasts to destroy everyone on the battlefield. With little time to react, Folgore grabs Lupa's book and throws it and his own into the sky, blocking the attack and sending both Purio and Kanchomé back to the mamodo world. Gomu regretted his violent actions towards Purio and Lupa and mourned Kanchomé's being sent back. However, because of Gomu's friendliness towards Kanchomé and Purio, Mir decided to let Zatch burn Gomu's book after a failed attempt at taking out Clear, thus reducing the number of mamodo to five.


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Poruku (ポルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 11 Chapter: 26
Description: This is Kanchomé's transformation spell. He can change his body into whatever form is needed, however he only takes their form and not any special ability. He can't transform into other people very well, often bearing some obvious deformity such as a long nose or tall forehead. Despite this, he often manages to fool opponents long enough to create an opening. Oddly, in the anime, when Kanchomé uses this spell to turn into something mechanical, such as a car or rocket, he is able to operate as the object normally would.
Known user(s):

The Second Spell
Japanese Name: Koporuku (コポルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 11 Chapter: 28
Description: Kanchomé shrinks into a mini-Kanchomé. He often inexplicably gains a match to burn books with as well. This is how many of their fights are won.
Known user(s):

A Game-Exclusive Spell
Japanese Name: Gaporuku (ガポルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: N/A
Description: Kanchomé turns into a large paper fan, which Folgore slams into the ground. This creates a tornado which the opponent is struck with. In Zatch Bell: Mamodo Battles, this is Kanchomé's ultimate spell.
Known user(s):

The Third Spell
Japanese Name: Dikaporuku (ディカポルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 41 Chapter: 87
Description: At first appearance it appears to have the opposite affect of Koporuk (i.e makes Kanchomé a giant) but in reality creates the illusion of a gigantic Kanchomé; the real Kanchomé is his original size and strength. Whenever enemy spells hit the illusory giant, it actually just passes right through it, but clouds of smoke emerge from the hit spot, causing it to seem as though the spell connected but had no effect on "Kanchomé", however attacks such as tornadoes will distort the image. Like Poruk, this spell manages to fool opponents for as long as required, especially because of the illusory Kanchomé's seeming invulnerability. During its first use, even Kanchomé is fooled into believing that he has grown and is horrified by an oncoming fire attack that misses by over 40 feet.
Known user(s):

Dima Buruk
The Fourth Spell
Japanese Name: Dima Buruku (ディマ・ブルク)
Type(s): Attack/Defense/Assist Episode: 128 Chapter: 193
Description: Spell which creates numerous strengthened copies of Kanchomé but when Kanchomé feels strong and positive emotions (such as courage) they grow even stronger, which is characterised when they glow with a bright yellow aura. They each have about the same strength as a Rauzaruk-supported Zatch and their first "useful" spell as well as their most dynamic spell. This spell is powerful enough that just five copies are strong enough to deflect a "Gigano" class spell and endure an onslaught from a "Dioga" class spell for an extended period of time.
Known user(s):

Fo Supuporuk
The Fifth Spell
Japanese Name: Fou Supuporuku (フォウ・スプポルク)
Type(s): Defense Episode: N/A Chapter: 298
Description: Kanchomé claps his hands together with his index fingers extended and a glow is emitted from his hands. Using this spell, Kanchomé can fool his opponent into believing their attack has failed causing them to cancel the spell. Even though first seen in chapter 298, Kanchomé had gained and used the spell by 294, shown defeating Zatch and Kiyo on a practice match.
Known user(s):

Miriarar Poruk
The Sixth Spell
Japanese Name: Miriararu Poruku (ミリアラル・ポルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: 298
Description: Kanchomé creates an attack that fools his opponent into believing he's using one of their spells against them. Since the opponent believes they are seeing their own attack being sent at them, their brains are fooled into inflicting damage to their own bodies equal to the damage the real attack would cause. This spell can only mimic spells Kanchomé has already seen and can only be used against the mamodo who uses that spell. Even though first seen in chapter 298, Kanchomé had gained and used the spell by 294, shown defeating Zatch and Kiyo on a practice match.
Known user(s):

Shin Poruk
The Seventh Spell
Japanese Name: Shin Poruku (シン・ポルク)
Type(s): Assist/Immobilization Episode: N/A Chapter: 298
Description: Kanchomé traps his opponents in an illusionary world where he can completely control their hearts and minds into believing anything he wants. This control is so complete that even if the opponent knows it's an illusion they can't break free from it. Even though first seen in chapter 298, Kanchomé had gained and used the spell by 294, shown defeating Zatch and Kiyo on a practice match.
Known user(s):

Spellbooks they burned

  • Bago, at a shoreside cave in Europe (episode 41, by throwing his book into a fire he himself started)
  • Ganz, in the Devolo Ruins (episode 61)
  • Mukaron, in the Devolo Ruins (episode 69)

Conception and development

Raiku said that Folgore had no "actual model" and that he used the "Invincible Italian Man" as the basic concept.

Chichi Wo Moge/Hey, Hey, Let's Dance All Day

Although Parco Folgore is known for several of his songs, his most infamous is his hit record Chichi wo Moge, which literally means in English Groping Breasts. The song is accompanied by a frantic dance sequence which includes a motion of the hands similar to the subject of the song. Both the song and dance were created by Makoto Raiku and depicted in the third volume of the original Konjiki no Gash Bell! manga. The song and dance was also depicted several times in the anime rendition of the series, and was even released as a single in Japan.

Folgore and Kachomé dancing

When Viz Media imported the series from Japan to the United States and Canada, the company altered the song to fit American standards of children's television. The song was transformed into Hey, Hey, Let's Dance All Day, a much more innocent song about Folgore's love of dancing. While the lyrics were changed, Viz kept both the original music and the dance in the anime and manga renditions.

In the Viz manga release of Zatch Bell, when Folgore performed the entire song for the Ancient Mamodo Belgim E.O., the word "grope" was replaced with "boogie", but the rest of the original lyrics were kept.

However, in the Youtube Dub the song is renamed "Hey Hey Let's Grope all day" it is the translation of the song "Chichi wo moge" but with the similar singing style of "Hey Hey let's Dance all day" The words "grope" and "boogie" have been replaced by "boobies" it is also the first complete english dubbed and complete Gash Bell character song, this song is currently on youtube and was written and performed by David Stenstrom.

Kanchomé's transformations

  • Kiyo (with a strange longer nose) (episode 11)
  • Cannon (without ammo) (episode 11)
  • Car (episode 19)
  • Bull-demon (episode 41)
  • Fredo (with an enormous forehead) (episode 41)
  • Wheel (episode 59)
  • Grappling hook (episode 59)
  • Dead-end wall (episode 59)
  • Wall (episode 60, 69, 128)
  • Floor (episode 61, 77, 80)
  • Victoreem's body (episode 63)
  • Bao Zakeruga (episode 63)
  • Victoreem's book (episode 63)
  • Hang-glider (episode 70, video game)
  • Kido (episode 73, 92)
  • Broken pillar (episode 78-83)
  • Zatch (episode 84)
  • Catapult truck (episode 86)
  • Heavyweight (episode 100)
  • Nicholas (episode 100)
  • Parachute (episode 138)
  • Planet Earth (chapter 319)
  • Rocket (movie 1)
  • Giant fan (movie 2, video game)
  • Various electric fans (movie 2)
  • Touge (video game)


Kanchomé's Father - Tiger.png

  • In the final chapter of the manga (Chapter 323), Kanchomé's father was the only new parent revealed where his name was later revealed to be Tiger (タイガー, Taigā) [2].
  • Folgore's birthday is on September 7th.[1] His star sign is Virgo.
  • Folgore's blood type is AB.[1]
  • Folgore's height is 190 cm.[1]
  • Folgore's favorite food is spaghetti with plenty of olive oil.[1]
  • Folgore's hobbies are dance, nanpa (flirting) and fashion.[1]
  • Folgore's favorite type is sexy bambina.[1]
  • Richard Horvitz explained to a fan at a convention. That he quit the role of Kanchomè, because it was stressful on his voice. He had to do so much yelling, especially during the fight scenes that it would strain his voice. So Jeff Nimoy, the dub’s director took over.


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