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The In-Between World (異世界 Yisekai, lit. "Different World") is the world exclusive in the Zatch Bell! anime that bridges the gap between the Mamodo World and the Human World.

In the anime, one of the one hundred mamodo children, Maestro, accidentally fell in this dimension instead of the Human World during the start of the Battle to Determine King of the Mamodo World. Being alone, he crowned himself "King of the In-Between World". Due to the environmental properties of this realm, which is almost similar to the Mamodo World, Maestro was able to cast spells from his spellbook on his own. The difference on how magical spells work in the In-Between World compared to the Mamodo World is that, while the Mamodo World doesn't require a spellbook or partner to cast magic, the In-Between World still at least requires the spellbook, but the mamodo wielding it can incant their spells.

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