Impact of the V! Very Melon!

Japanese title
Season 02
Episode # 62
Arc Ancient Mamodo Arc
Japanese airdate June 20, 2004
English airdate August 12, 2006
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Impact of V! Very Melon! is the sixty second episode of Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime and the twelveth episode of Season 2.


The team while resting, found water and melons to eat. Although Zatch stupidly swims in the water which angers Tia and tells Megumi to get their water from the higher stream. While Kiyo tries to explain his thoughts about engaging further with Megumi, Folgore comes back with melons in his chest but this isn't revealed after he tried to act as if they were breast and did the "boing boing" action which just got him scolded by Kiyo and Tia. Kiyo then puts up a question on how to eat them, surprisingly Megumi brought utensils and kitchenware like chop board and knife. They are later interrupted by the appearance of a Mamodo. He was first ignored due to the team being absorbed in eating and having fun until it caused him to be very angry and he got on battle ready mode until Megumi sees him and inform the team. He stops his attack and states that as long as they don't ignore him he won't attack and introduced himself as Magnificient Victoreem-sama. Folgore suddenly got an idea and tries to praise him and offers him a melon in order to avoid a fight while everyone is exhausted from the previous battle. The idea might come from the idea of him liking the attention. Victoream munches the melon in high speed and starts singing the "Very Melon" song, Zatch and Tia sings encores and dances with him. 

This plan works until Kiyo makes a mistake by instinctly replying him and angers Victoream, which Folgore scolds him for spoiling the plan and Kiyo apologises and says he can't help it. Folgore and Kanchome attempts to praise him again and offers him another melon after an attack from Victoream. While Victoream is dancing to his "Very Melon" song again everyone dance along except for Kiyo. When he is distracted, Zatch, Tia, Kanchome, and Ponygon attack him and manage to tie him up. Victoream escapes from his bondage and separates his head from his body. He starts to attack the team by firing his lasers at them. Victoream accidentally hits his body and ceases attacking. Kiyo realizes that they are at a disadvantage, as Megumi and Folgore will only able to use one more spell.

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062 gashbell

Zatch and Tia dancing "very melon" with victoream


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