Hougan (ホウガン Hougan) and Million Suit (ミリオン・スーツ Mirion Sūtsu) are a minor team seen for one panel in the manga, which shows their defeat at the hands of Arth. The entire fight is seen in the anime, but the two are still beaten very easily. The anime reveals their abilities to be based around flaming axes, and that they were helping Riou.


Emuru Akusu
A Flaming Axe
Japanese Name: Emuru Akusu (エムル・アクス)
Type(s): Episode: 125 Chapter: N/A
Description: Hougan's axe gets engulfed in flames.
Known user(s):

Gigano Emuru Akusu
A Gigano Class-Spell
Japanese Name: Gigano Emuru Akusu (ギガノ・エムル・アクス)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 125 Chapter: N/A
Description: A stronger Emuru Akusu.
Known user(s):


  • In the anime, Hougan used a Gigano-class spell to contribute to breaking Faudo's seal instead of a Dioga-class like the rest of Faudo's cult. Meaning that Hougan is the weakest member of the Faudo Cult, and the only one without a Dioga-class spell.
  • Also the anime design for Hougan is different than his design in the manga.


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