Hidetoshi Nakata (中田なかた秀寿ひでとし Nakata Hidetoshi), simply known as Teacher (教師 Kyōshi), is Kiyo's math teacher and homeroom teacher at Mochinoki Middle School.


In the first episode of the anime, Mr. Nakaka appeared to have a more serious and intimidating appearance and appears younger, given he had brown hair at the time. Sooner in the anime, Mr. Nakata was redesigned to look more like his manga counterpart, appearing slightly chubbier, older (with brownish-gray hair), and appears to be more comical.


In the first episode and chapter, Mr. Nakata appeared frustrated with Kiyo when Kiyo skips his class or school but Kiyo is still smart enough to answer Mr. Nakata's advanced math questions.

Sooner in the series when he softens up, he often brings his wife Sabae ("Wife") with him. In Episode 17 when Mr. Nakata brings his class to a summer camp for his classmates to have fun, Mr. Nakata was convinced by Suzy that she proclaims Kiyo is the greatest curry maker that Mr. Nakata, not only brought his wife with him, also brought the school principal to see Kiyo's "talent," which ended up very spicy to the whole class.


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