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Faudo Cult Mamodo Team
Gyaron Harry Jet
ギャロン Gyaron ハリー・ジェット Harī Jetto
Cha gyaron.gif
Mamodo Partner
Age: None None
Gender: Male Male
English Actor: None None
Japanese Actor: Susumu Chiba Hiroki Takahashi
Mamodo Team Stats
The Charcoal Grey Book
Book Burned In Episode 142 And In Chapter 236.
Debut Episode: 137
Debut Chapter: 207
Book Burned By:

Gyaron (ギャロン, Gyaron) and Harry Jet (ハリー・ジェット, Harī Jetto) are a team that is part of Faudo Arc, in both anime and manga, and in them, they help Riou to free Faudo from his seal using Emarion Basukado. Gyaron spells are based on Armor, and recives Godufa power, which changes his appearence. Gyaron then becomes a servant of Zeno, and attacks Ted, who defeats him, placing him 21st out of the 100 mamodo. In the anime he fights Riya and Alishie, but is defeated with Shaou Niodoruk. Their seiyū are respectly Susumu Chiba and Hiroki Takahashi.


The duo initially appears as one of the teams to help Riou on breaking Faudo's seal, with their ultimate spell, Emarion Basukado. Later, after Zeno's takeover of Faudo, Gyaron recives Godufa, for being in Zeno's side. In the anime Gyaron doesn't receive Godufa, nor stays on Zeno's side. He later confronts Ted and Cherish, as she doesn't want to fight. Gyaron gets his book burned by Ted, while also sending the latter back to the Mamodo World. In the anime Gyaron fights Riya and Aleshie, who quickly defeat him.


Gyaron powered with Godufa.


Gyaron is mamodo who is part of the Faudo Cult. He is first seen as one of the mamodo who help Riou to free Faudo from his sell, using his Emarion Baskardo spell. He is later confronted by Kiyo's team, and is beaten by Riya and Alishie's strongest spell. In the manga, Gyaron was ruthless and felt no pity for others or himself. He was a pawn of Zeno and followed Zeno's commands without rebelling. Gyaron is put on a team with Cherish and Nicole. Zeno gives Gyaron a device which makes Cherish remember the pain she felt from Zeno's lightning attacks. Zeno ordered Gyaron to use that device whenever Cherish tries to betray his orders. Gyaron used that device to force Cherish to keep attacking her beloved Ted. At the climax of the battle, Gyaron used his strongest spell which transformed him into a monsterous giant. Gyaron lost some of his humanity but he was still sane enough to speak in words and remember who he was fighting. Both suffering with pain, Ted and Cherish fought back against Gyaron. Ted used his strongest spell to destroy the lightning device and defeat Gyaron. Gyaron falls to the ground back in his normal state and had his book burned. Gyaron spells envolve his limbs and his armor.

Harry Jet

What we know about Harry is that he was a thief who robbed several banks along with Gyaron, they had lots of money before they met Riou, but they continued to rob banks for pleasure. Harry wasn't cursed, so he freely choose to help Riou, because he was interested in Faudo's great power and with it, they could have all money that he wanted even if he didn't needed it. But Keys and Rodeaux were more interested than him when is about Faudo's power and about being king. In the manga, Harry was more cautious about Gyaron after being powered up by godufa. He was even worried that using his strongest spell would cause Gyaron to hurt himself and act differently. 


Emarion Basukado
The Large Shield Spell
Japanese Name: Emarion Basukādo (エマリオン・バスカード)
Type(s): Attack/Defense Episode: 137 Chapter: 208
Description: An enormous shield is created with a sharpened blade at the end that advances toward the enemy. In the anime that's Gyaron's strongest spell.
Known user(s):

Amu Basukarugu
The Rocket Spell
Japanese Name: Amu Basukarugu (アム・バスカルグ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 142 Chapter: 231
Description: In the manga, Gyaron's fist transforms into a rocket-like blunt weapon and strikes the opponent. In the anime, however, it enhances his fist with energy.
Known user(s):

Rei Basukarugu
The Speed Assist Spell
Japanese Name: Rei Basukarugu (レイ・バスカルグ)
Type(s): Assist Episode: N/A Chapter: ???
Description: Spell that strengthens his legs allowing him to move with much speed.
Known user(s):

Gigamu Basukarugu
The Speed Assist Spell
Japanese Name: Gigamu Basukarugu (ギガム・バスカルグ)
Type(s): Assist Episode: N/A Chapter: ???
Description: Another spell similar to the one above, but strengthening his arms instead.
Known user(s):

Dio Ma Basukarugu
The Transformation Spell
Japanese Name: Dio Ma Basukarugu (ディオ・マ・バスカルグ)
Type(s): Assist Episode: N/A Chapter: 234
Description: A spell that increases Gyaron's size and strengthens his body. Appears only in Manga, and it's Gyaron's strongest spell.
Known user(s):

Gyan Basukado
The Laser-Shield Spell
Japanese Name: Gyan Basukādo (ギャン・バスカード)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 142 Chapter: N/A
Description: Armor on both shoulders connects and laser beams are fired from the holes.
Known user(s):

Aramu Basukado
The Energy Sickle Spell
Japanese Name: Aramu Basukarugu (アラム・バスカルグ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 142 Chapter: N/A
Description: Generates multiple sickle-shaped energy beams from blades on his arms.
Known user(s):


  • In the manga, Gyaron instantely recives Godufa powering for being Zeno's servant, but in the anime, this doesn't happen.
  • While in the anime Gyaron only calls his partner as "Harry", in the manga he too only calls him as "Jet", making the conclusion of his partner' name.
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