Gou Bauren (Go Boren)

Go Boren
Wonrei and Li-en
English Incantation: Go Boren
Japanese Incantation: Gou Bauren (ゴウ・バウレン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 38
Chapter: 73 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles and Mamodo Fury
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Description: Gou Bauren (ゴウ・バウレン), known as Go Boren in the English dub, is Wonrei's fourth spell. An enhanced version of Bauren, it strengthens Wonrei's fist with energy and then discharges that energy in the form of a punch.
Wonrei and Li-en's Other Spells: Bauren, Redoruku, Rerudo, Ganzu Bauren, Gou Redoruku, Garu Redoruku, Raou Dibauren, Gou Rerudo, Dio Redoruku, Roufou Dibauren, Gaafou Dibauren, Goraiou Dibauren, Shin Goraiou Dibauren