Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

Go For It, Ponygon!

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 23
Arc Umagon Arc
Chapter(s) 56, 57, 83
Japanese airdate September 7, 2003
English airdate August 6, 2005
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Go For It, Ponygon! is the twenty third episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


Zatch and Kiyo return home from England saying goodbye to his father, Kory, Djem and many others. When they're at the airport, they notice that a strange horse that is mistaken for a stuffed toy appears attached to their luggage. Zatch remembers that it's his friend. When Kiyo attempts to pet it, it bites Kiyo's hand.

After that Zatch wants to keep it while Kiyo is against the idea. When Kiyo is unpacking, he finds another spellbook in his bag meaning that this strange horse is a mamodo. The mamodo has a tough time getting it's rope undone so Kiyo cuts it. It turned out the rope was a present from it's mother but Kiyo can't understand it so he doesn't feel any guilt. Outraged the mamodo attacks just in time for Kiyo's friends and Tia to come by.

The mamodo is friendly to everyone except Kiyo so he kicks it out of the house. Zatch is unconvinced and goes to find him alone while Kiyo is berated by his friends. Kiyo eventually decides to find the mamodo with Tia's help. They eventually find the mamodo with Zatch looking for anyone to adopt him. It turned out the mamodo was looking for it's bookowner which Tia can sympathize with. Kiyo is moved as well and allows the mamodo to stay until his book owner is found. Kiyo also names the mamodo 'Ponygon.' Everyone else likes it except Ponygon himself for his real name is Schneider.