Gigano Reisu

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Japanese Incantation: Gigano Reisu (ギガノ・レイス)
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Type: Attack Episode: 5
Chapter: 10 Video Game: ????
Description: Gigano Reis is Brago's third spell. An enhanced version of Reis, it creates a large, compressed gravitational well that fires from his hands.

In their first appearance, the Gigano Reis was the most powerful spell Brago and Sherry possessed. It took a full-powered Zaker attack from Zatch and Kiyo to neutralize it. However, as they gained access to more powerful spells, Gigano Reis became their most common attack against mamodo.

Brago's Other Spells: Reis, Gravirei, Ion Gravirei, Dioga Gravidon, Baber Gravidon, Bidom Gravirei, Rior Reis, Oruga Reis, Diborudo Jii Gurabidon, Nyuuborutsu Ma Gravirei, Nyuuborutsu Shin Gravirei, Zangu Mareisu, Borutsu Gravirei, Amu Guranaguru, Berudo Gravirei, Digou Gurabiruku, Shin Baberuga Gurabidon, Kueaborutsu Gurabirei, Gravidon


  • Gigano Reisu is the first Gigano class spell to be shown in the series.
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