Gigano Radomu (Gigano Radom)

Gigano Radom
Zofis and Koko
English Incantation: Gigano Radom
Japanese Incantation: Gigano Radomu (ギガノ・ラドム)
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Type: Attack Episode: 85
Chapter: 158 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles
Description: Gigano Radom is one of Zofis’s spells. An enhanced version of Teoradom, it creates a large, fast-moving spherical blaze that explodes upon impact.
Zofis and Koko's Other Spells: Radom, Teoradom, Rond Radom, Gigarado Shield, Dioga Teoradom, Oruga Radom, Digan Teoradom
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